MODULE 2 (Addressing Hyperactivity)

Module 2

Addressing Hyperactivity

How do you deal with the non-stop activity level and demands that your ever-active child requires of you?    

  • Learning more about proven effective solutions that can divert hyperactive energy to help your child focus better 
  • Discovering what works for your child 

Module 2: Section 1 

Clarifying your Understanding of Hyperactivity

  • Brain-thing vs attitude thing
  • Physiological need that interferes with their daily functions

Module 2: Section 2

Dealing with Hyperactivity: Classroom and Homework Tips 

Module 2: Section 3

Role of Exercise and Sports in Reducing Hyperactivity

Module 2: Section 4

Dealing with Hyperactivity at Home 

Module 2: Section 5

Dealing with Hyperactivity during Outings

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