MODULE 1 (Understanding ADHD child behavior)

Module 1

Understanding ADHD child behavior

This module will provide a foundational and thorough understanding of characteristics and traits that children with ADHD face in varying degrees.  

  • What is ADHD? An overview of the characteristics and traits that persist across their lifespan 
  • Gaining a better overview of ADHD helps you to have better clarity about the problem areas and introduces hopeful solutions 

Module 1: Section 1

Getting your head around ADHD – Causes, Traits, Implications

Module 1: Section 2

Behavioural Concerns of ADHD children

  • Impulsivity, Hyperactivity, Self-regulation
  • Executive Function challenges

Module 1: Section 3

Learning Concerns of ADHD children

  • Inattentiveness, Distractibility, Sensory processing issues
  • Co-morbidity to learning disabilities 

Module 1: Section 4

Social Communication issues affecting ADHD children

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