Module 2 (Fostering a Supportive Workplace Environment)

Module 2: Fostering a Supportive Workplace Environment

You will learn:

  • About the mental health stigma in the workplace
  • How to identify and support colleagues in need of help
  • How to manage mental health self-care
  • How to create a supportive culture and encourage help-seeking behaviours for mental wellness at work

Teaching Materials for Module 2:

  • Checklist on signs and symptoms of stress at work
  • Checklist on signs and symptoms of depression at work
  • Checklist on signs and symptoms of anxiety at work
  • Checklist on behavioural indicators to identify employees in need
  • Practical tips and techniques turn stress to success using S.P.E.A.R model

Module 2, Section 1

M2.S1_Mental Health Stigma in the Workplace.pdf

Module 2, Section 2

M2.S2_Identify and Support Colleague In Need of Help.pdf

Module 2, Section 3

M2.S3_Managing Mental Health Self-Care.pdf

Module 2, Section 4

M2.S4_Creating a Supportive Culture and Encouraging Help-seeking behavior for Mental Wellness at work.pdf
Module 2_Formative Evaluation Worksheet.pdf
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