Module 1 (Understanding Employee Health & Mental Wellbeing)

Module 1: Understanding Employee Health & Mental Wellbeing

You will learn:

  • What is health and mental wellbeing
  • What is the financial and organisational impact of health and wellbeing on business
  • How real are mental health concerns at work
  • What does a holistic health plan look like
  • What is the business case for mental wellbeing

Teaching Materials for Module 1:

  • Myths and facts of mental illness
  • Case studies and statistics from global research on cost burden of poor health and mental wellbeing
  • Tested and proven holistic health plan based on global research and results of iGROW
  • Examples of best-in-class holistic programme implementation
  • Tested and proven business case for mental health programmes based on research and results of iGROW
  • Ready resources to implement programmes without spending money

Module 1: Segment 1

M1.S1_Workbook-What is Health & MH Wellbeing.pdf

Module 1: Segment 2

M1.S2_Financial & Organizational Impact of Health & Wellbeing.pdf

Module 1: Segment 3

M1.S3_How Real are Mental Health concerns at work.pdf

Module 1: Segment 4

M1.S4_Holistic Health Plan.pdf

Module 1: Segment 5

M1.S5_Business Case for Mental Wellbeing.pdf
M1_Formative Evaluation Worksheet.pdf
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